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The Makeup Foundation market today is saturated with many types and brands and choices ranging from liquid foundation, cream foundation, stick foundation, cream-to-powder foundation etc. Often times you are usually left confused when faced with choices of foundations, not being able to stick to a brand simply because you cannot determine which foundation is best for your skin. So apart from pocket size and shade range, a bit of detective work is required for you to detemine first your skin type and skin needs, then your desired foundation finish. With these in mind, you are armed with the right information to pick the best foundation for you. To make it easier for you to determine the makeup foundation that is best for your skin, we have placed foundations into these major categories;

Liquid Foundations: This usually offer a sheer to full coverage depending on the amount used per time. It is easy to apply with either a brush or a makeup wedge. They are available in Water-based, Oil based and Sillicon based formula.It was believed that the oil free or water-based are best for those with oily skin and combination skin. But is now realised that people with oily skin react to mineral oil which usually used in most foundation formulations as mineral oil clogs pores thereby causing breakout on the skin. Most liquid foundations come in tubes or bottles.

Cream Foundations: Most cream foundations are usually in compact or stick form or mousse form. They are usually less easy to apply than their liquid counterpart and they require more work in blending beacause of their thicker consistency. They provide creamy and flawless finish
and they are good for dry, ashy skin or aging and wrinkled skin. The stick foundations are the most oily of this category, while the mousse foundations are somewhat in between liquid and cream, but they are whipped as so tilts more to the edge of cream foundaton.

There is also Cream to powder foundation which is a cream formular but dries out into a powder formular.

There is also powder foundation which is basically compact powder. This works well for people who don’t like the idea of layering on products, like the cream to powder foundations, just one product serves as both a foundation and a powder.

Lastly there are the tinted moisturizers. As the name implies, they are actually moisturizers with a hint to colour to basically add a bit of colour to the skin colour. Not heavy duty for those who have uneven skintone or spots. the is best for those who have normal skin and little or no skin conditions.

Specifications of Foundations

After knowing the categories of foundation available, then you need to determine the specifications or finish you desire.

Dewy – Skin-like, mostly very light, silky smooth and usually sheer finish. Great for any skin type, but depends on personal preferrence.

Matte – Velvety matte, dry-like, usually full coverage foundation. Great for oily and acne prone skin.

Luminous – Glowing, hydrating, sheer to medium coverage foundation. Great for normal dry and mature skin.

Pro Tips:

Applying foundation with a puff or beauty blender will result to a fuller coverage than apply with a brush.

Always test your foundation shade on your jawline, not on your face or hand.

You can mix a matte foundation with a moisturizer to achieve a dewy finish or with a liquid illuminator to achieve a luminous foundation.

We believe right now you make no more errors in detemining your exact foundation type. As metioned in this post, Cosmoplitan believes they have a list of the best foundations you should be looking out for. Once you know your skin type, even if you have brand preferences, your preferred brand might have a range that caters for your skin type.


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