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Eyebrows are a major feature in a woman’s face especially for makeup therefore, several methods have been adopted to alter them to achieve the best shape like waxing, threading, and tweezing so as to enhance or accentuate the face.

The most common of the methods is the tweezing where tweezers are used to remove or thin out the brows.

Waxing makes use of the wax heated, spread on the part of the brow that wants to be taken out and the use of strip to pull out the hair from the root. Threading is where a cotton thread is twisted over the hair to take out the part that is not needed.

Tiny scissors or razor blades are used alone or with any of the other methods to make neat the hair that has been pulled out.

Some women totally shave off their eyebrows and leave them bare then they line them with a pencil or tattoo them, but this doesn’t look natural at all because that arched hairy part above the eyes are the natural enhancer of the entire look.  The darker the color of hair women have over their brow area, the more prominent their look becomes. Sometimes women have to strike with pencil or use an eyebrow powder to fill up the brows to make them prominent if they don’t have it naturally or full enough. Eyebrows act as vital part of the face. Hence they shouldn’t be totally taken out.

Everyone has different shape of brows that is unique to them. The most common types of eyebrows are:

Arched: This kind of eyebrow looks very thick and broad. It is a combination of the angled and curved shapes to create a softer feature than the anguled eyebrows.

Angled: This eyebrow is the most outstanding of all the eyebrow shape. It has an obvious angular feature.

Curved or round: This is round shape of eyebrow. It has a slightly prominent arc. But the arch can be accentuated by shaping or grooming the eyebrows.

Flat or straight: This eyebrow look straight like it has no arch at all.

Sloping: This is a rare feature, a number of people have it, and the eyebrow is downward sloping towards the outer corner of the eyes. It has no obvious arc.

The shape of the face mostly determine the shape of the eyebrow and in grooming eyebrows, one should understand that there are different type of eyebrows shapes that suits different facial structures. For instance; A round face will go better with an arched brow to create an illusion on a longer face, and a round or curvy eyebrow will suit someone with a long or oblong face. But in actual fact, sometimes round faces have the round features while long faces have arched features. The apple shaped faces or oval shaped faces can enjoy the liberty of creating either round, or arched or angled shape of eyebrows because it suits them.

Pro Tip: In application of eye eyeshadow to the eye lid, it is essential to know that for the Sloping and Straight eyebrow features, they have narrow eyelids, so less is required for them, because combining too many colors or designs will make the eyelid look too busy, thereby not attractive. While for Arched, Angled and Curvy, one could play around with colors (as much as blending is done) since the eyelid is wide and spacious enough.

Pro Tip: For all the shape of the eyebrows, one can enhance the arc artificially when grooming the brows, because the arc gives the face a ‘lifted’ outlook.

Pro Tip: In grooming the eyebrows, one should be careful not to make them too thin in the process of trying to get them to look exactly the same. In as much as they should look almost alike, they will never look exactly the same; they are only sisters, not twins.

Fact: The eyebrows can have dandruff and as with scalp dandruff, flaking of the skin under the eyebrows can have many causes, from fungal involvement to psoriasis. Using shampoos as on the scalp could help, or a skin treatment prescription.

Ways to enhance your Brows

Pencil: Use a light hand almost like you are sketching to create tiny stokes with the pencil, then brush with a Mascara wand. Pencil comes in different shades to suit different skin shades. 

Eyebrow Powder:  Usually a compact powder form and a sturdy angled brush and a mascara wand in its case for application. It is believed to be long lasting. Also available in different shades for differnt skin tones.

Eyebrow Gel: Comes either in a pot with a sturdy angled brush for application and it could also be in form of a mascara, but in clear and brown shades for preference and it is basically applied as brush on.

Eyebrow Microblading: This is a semi permanent form of defining the brows and it is usually lasts about 3 months long before a retouch is needed.

Pro Tip: Use a concealer one or 3 shades lighter than your complexion to clean up under your brows and blend towards the brow bone, and use your exact shade of concealer to clean up the top of the brow.

No matter what the trend is, your brows remain with you and they must really be well taken care of especially because they help to give the face definition, recognition and a unique identity.


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