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Brightening Body Polish



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What is it?

Our Brightening body polish (Formerly called Brightening Black Soap) is undeniably one to have in your skincare cabinet. It is a two-in-one product that is; soap(cleanser) and gentle scrub. It is made with Pure African Black soap and Organic Oils like Carrot Oil, Papaya Oil Shea Butter and Herbs such as Turmeric, Neem, Orange peel Powder, Lemon peel Powder and many Skin loving ingredients for a younger, fresher and brightening skin.

Cleansing and exfoliating your skin is very essential to getting moisturizers or any actives to work and penetrate effectively to achieve beautiful skin results, that is why we always recommend Our Brightening Body polish as the first step to starting a healthier skin journey. Though sometimes we don’t recommend it for those with sensitive skin because even though it is a gentle scrub, it may or may not be welcomed by sensitive skin.

Directions for use

Wet face and body apply and let remain on the skin for not more than one minute, while gently scrubbing the skin with your palm to get the product ingredients to have enough contact with your skin. Use morning and night.20 Follow immediately with our Radiance Face Toner.


African black soap, Distilled water, Glycerin, Honey, Turmeric powder, Orange peel powder, Neem powder, Sandalwood powder, Shea butter, Licorice root extract, Mulberry extract, Kojic acid Vitamin E, Fragrance, Preservative.


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