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A French brand born from a desire to express creativity and drive innovation in the world of cosmetics, as well as an upscale cosmetics line of unprecedented elegance and luxury, Black|Up was founded in Paris in 1999 by a professional makeup artist of African ancestry, it was said to be the first premium brand to enhance the look in women of colour.
I decided to purchase the Black|Up Mattifying Fluid foundation and I sure was not dissapointed, instead excited that I was able to purchase a number of shades from the 18 shade collection that was newly launched.
So a quick review of the products and here we go!

The packaging of the product is good. A shiny black packaging has an airless pump to enable control the usage rightly and to use the product to the very last drop. I love them ‘black’ it speaks sophistication.
It immediately mattes up upon application, but gives room for proper blending.
It also covers or conceals imperfections on the face – spots, pimples, freckles, dark under eye etec. without giving a heavy or caked effect. It’s able to achieve this because it has sebum regulating astringents and active ingredients that re-balances combination to oily skin, soothes and provides the skin more comfort.
It also reduces or shrinks the pore immediately.Then after application, I realized it is long lasting and keeps the face shine free for longer periods.I did not prime her face with anything
I did not use any from of powder, blush or bronzer on her face
I did not filter or edit the picture.
Because it is a product review for foundation, aside from the eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipliner and lipstick, all she has on her face is the Black|Up Mattifiying Fluid Foundation. I hope you can see for yourself the effect of the Black|Up Mattifiying Fluid Foundation

The price : I got it for N7,050 each. Well it is a high end product and I believe it is worth the price considering it’s efficiency and quality, not sure of the quantity yet though because I haven’t finished any of the bottles yet.
In conclusion, I will recommend this product to someone who wants a good foundation and won’t mind the cost. Question:
I did something else with the foundation oh her face, can someone tell me what it is?
Okies, till we see again next…, week, month??? Yeah, I won’t be too distant anymore, I promise.
Much love.

I am in no way affiliated to Black|Up or the distributors, this review is based on my personal observation an in my honest opinion.


We are a brand focused on creating sterling bath and beauty products, providing awesome makeup service experience and designing colour cosmetics which define beauty trends.

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