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I was asked to write on Original intentions Studios Facebook page for their Portraitists on how to preparing for a photo shoot. So here is what I wrote, I think you’ll learn from it too.

Hello Portraitists,

My name is Omosewa, I am the Creative director for Swan Beauty – a makeup and beauty styling company. I have been doing makeup for the past 7 years now and in my few years of experience, I have a knowledge of how a anyone should look to have a good portrait.
Which is why for next 3 days, I will be taking you through the processes of preparing yourself for a photo shoot. It is important for you to know all these because a good portrait pictures sells you, it could travel in people’s mind faster and shows people how you carry out your job or your business, even without seeing you.
Let me ask you a question, have you seen ‘O’ The Oprah Winfrey’s Magazine? Do you see how beautiful and detailed the front cover pictures look? Yeah yeah, you could say that’s a front cover of a Magazine, not a portrait, but I tell you, it is exactly the same thing, it’s not all the job of the photographer nor the job of Photoshop, it starts with You!

So today, we will be talking about the right attitude for a photo shoot.
You need to have the right mindset when you are preparing for a photo shoot. You need to KNOW, UNDERSTAND and be CONVINCED BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBTS that you are beautiful and handsome. Be comfortable and confident in your own body.
A beautiful person is not one who has a fine face nor a fine body only, (well to shallow person, that is All beauty is about). But one who firstly feels beautiful on the inside, has been able to understand himself or herself and has been able to enhance or bring out the best in the qualities he of she has, either facially, or body wise.
So when you stand in front of that camera, no one else has the floor but you, so be confident, express yourself, give out the best of your smile say to yourself ‘I am photogenic’.
Now that is a word I’d also like us to discuss, many people don’t like to hear that they are not Photogenic. Because that means they seem not to appear as good in portraits as they really look.

Well you want to learn more on this topic? Join me again tomorrow on this same page the floating studio.

For questions and more on Swan beauty, do check out our social media platforms.
Thank you and see you tomorrow.

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