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Lighting is very important for precision and accuracy when applying makeup. The occasion for which the makeup is needed and the time of the day the makeup is applied and ultimately worn are factors to be considered when applying makeup.

We have classified lighting into natural lights (pure daylight) and artificial lights.

Natural lights reflects unto the face from any surface it hits. Unlike artificial light, natural lights shows up the true colours and textures of the makeup. This is so because natural light doesn’t cast shadows. When makeup that is meant be worn under natural
light or during the day (for instance; beach makeup, bride or party makeup) is applied under artificial light, by the time the makeup look is seen under natural light, the application mishaps and possibly makeup mis-match are revealed by the natural day light.

We have grouped artificial lighting into two – Yellow lights and White lights

For photography or Cinema for instance, yellow and harsh white lights that are mostly. When yellow light is used, sometimes, the brightness is mostly softend with shades which directs the amount of light given out downwards thereby causing the light to look more dull, makeup colours and foundation shades looking darker. In other ocassions, the yellow light is concentrated on the face and as a result some of the colours are changed simply turning purple to a bluish colour, it also reduces the intensity of red, making them appear darker, it reduces and softens the intensity of gold colour as well.
White flourescent light on the other hand, even though it is the closest to the natural day light, it immediately makes the face look white, thereby lighter foundation that the client’s or model’s complexion can be mistakenly applied.
Artificial white light also has the tendency as well to make bright colours look too bright, colours basically take to the hue of the white light.

The era of LED lights have made proper lighting for makeup application very simple and you can find varous ones for your budget. LEDs are like white light, but they emit less heat, use less energy and mostly they come with diffusers and soft filters which reduces the harsh lighting effect usually produced my flouresent light. Some lighting  provide 3 way directional lighting which is added advantage for videos

Here are a few tips:

Any makeup look that is meant for a day light occasion should always be done with pure white light reflecting on the face directly and in the absence of artificial light. mve the client towards an open window for natural light to reflect on the face.

For makeup looks for night events which will ultimately seen under artificial light can be worn under artificial lighting, but instead of so much of foundation and powder, use more shimmers on the eyes and or lips, and make the face less subtle.

From now on, have fun doing your makeup with the right lighting.


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