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Preparing for a photo shoot 3
Hello Portraitists,

Today we are looking at tips on how to groom yourself for a makeup session as there’s need to pay attention to the minutest of details, that will help your picture come out better.

Your hair: have a neat hair, it doesn’t have to be newly made, bell brushed and combed out, moisturized and silky, not dry. Make sure your front hair line are well brushed tout to the detail. If you are a guy, have a clean cut or trip your Afro to shape and comb it out neatly. Do not forget to also have for facial hair shaved and neat without bumps (remember to use your after-shave).

Your face : remember that is the focal point of your portrait, so you makeup as to be neatly and professionally done, try all you can to have. Professional makeup on for your portrait because you will have the picture viewed by many people and for a long time,the picture will sell you, basically. Do not just do it for the sake of it, go all out to make your portrait picture exceptional. For men, you need to have your makeup done lightly as well (don’t be scared – no colours ?). You will love the outcome. ?

Your dress and its colour tone: If you know you’re going to have your picture taken, put on clothes that are neat and well ironed as rumpled clothes will take the photographer years to edit. I advice you choose outfits that sit well on you, look good on you and photograph well. Neutral tones and muted colors work best because they simultaneously enhance your natural characteristics without distracting from you in a photo.
Avoid anything that hangs or drapes very loosely on your body, as this will look bulky and large in a photograph. On the other hand, don’t wear anything too tight as the flash from the camera will highlight every little flaw hiding under your clothing.
Don’t wear anything for photos that you wouldn’t normally wear in real life. Your goal is to look like yourself at your very best; you can’t look like yourself if you’re wearing something TOTALLY out of your comfort zone or style range. You can definitely try something new and more stylish, but it should work for well for your body and suit your complexion.

Your nails: now it looks this is very irrelevant, but trust me, at different in time pose with your fingers showing, you don’t want your chapped nail vanish to show right? Do not leave a stone unturned as you are grooming yourself for a photo shoot.

Your teeth: Okay okay, don’t crucify me now, it’s better to have  a clean teeth for that sparkling smile, we don’t want to see food particles glued to your teeth of green veggies fastening themselves in the gal of your teeth, that little detail could ruin the whole picture.(though Photoshop can help)

So it seems I’m just a perfectionist right? Do not mind me, sometimes being a perfectionist help you be the best at what you do. This is me giving you my 10kobo. I hope it helps.
And that’s it for our  3 day series on how to prepare for a photo shoot.

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Till my next post,
Swan Beauty Queen


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