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The perfect self-makeup course


Welcome to the exciting world of makeup, and welcome to The Perfect self-makeup Course by SwanPro. My intention is to teach you to do self-makeup for weddings or for a party By the end of this training, you would have learned about the tools in makeup, when and how to use them, and you will gain the confidence to correctly apply beautiful makeup for yourself (and maybe for other people too).

Even though I know that most makeup tools are not new to you, after completing this course you will see them in a new light, and be able to use them effectively after being armed with the knowledge of the latest tricks and tips to help you achieve any look you so desire.

A few house-keeping

-This is a serious course, and as much as it is an online course, it is very important to take it seriously, pay attention, and follow the steps in order to achieve desired results.

– This is not a magic makeup course, Makeup requires constant practice in order to master it. However, I have tried my best to make the process as simple and easy to grasp as possible, so you will surely get it. But as much as possible, playback, rewind, ask me questions using the comment and email tools, practice, practice, practice, and allow yourself to enjoy the whole process of learning to glam yourself up.

– The course is in 2 sections. the theory and the practical (video). You are required to complete the theory before proceeding to watch the videos. After each theory section, there will be quizzes. You are required to score 70% and above in order to proceed to the next stage,

– I will be modeling the looks on my own face and you will follow along. Moreso because this course is a self-makeup course, you need to see how I apply makeup on myself, not on another model.

-You will get your workstation ready and you will start playing the videos in order to follow the step-by-step process. I will outline the tools you will be needing so you will get them ready and if you already have some in your possession, that is perfect.

– No part or session of this course shall be shared with any other person other than you the course buyer, All rights are reserved by SwanPro Inc.

Having said all this, I assure you that you are in for a ride that will indeed open a bright new world of fun, colors, and beauty So join me as we explore this world of makeup while enjoying every bit of it. 

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